Corporate PL Solution

A completely unique approach to workplace wellness- we focus on providing quick, easy to use tools to infuse mindfulness, movement and good nutrition into each day. Our approach results in:

  • Reduction in Absenteeism
  • Focus on being more productive and efficient
  • Reduction in Health Risks
  • An increase use of existing wellness programming
  • A decrease in Doctors visits
  • A decrease in accidents
  • Actual change in harmful behaviors
  • An increase in resiliency behaviors

How do we do it? We customize a workplace wellness program that works for you…

  • Workplace Physical Literacy audit
  • Physical Literacy needs assessment
  • Evaluation of current wellness systems
  • Physical Literacy kick off meeting- 1 hour/lunch and learn orientation on “How to Live your Well Power” through Physical Literacy
  • Physical Literacy coach for ongoing support

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