PL Solutions

Our work at NAPL addresses the critical needs of youth today. We have PL Solutions for all areas of life ages 1-100.

We are keenly aware that, as the CDC says,  “Focusing on nutrition and physical activity early can help improve a child’s future health — particularly among children from low-income families.” This is why our curriculum and training focuses on addressing the needs of all key stakeholders. If we educate not just children, but their families, their teachers, their communities – we can make an extraordinary impact on their collective futures.

A Call to Action: We at NAPL are calling on multi-sport organizations to help us impact the future. NAPL provides the Physical Literacy Assessment, Sport Sampling Activities, Nutrition and Mindfulness to transform the experiences happening in your clubs and organizations. 

The Time is Now…The Future is in our Hands…Together We Can Impact the Future

The Answer is Physical Literacy

We are the global leaders in Physical Literacy certification, training, curriculum, and programming. Contact Muniba at to see how you can bring Physical Literacy to your organization.