Meaghan Kennedy Townsend

Meaghan Kennedy Townsend is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, speaker, and teacher. For over 20 years she has been a passionate advocate for health and wellness.  Her inspiration for fitness stems from her great uncle, John F. Kennedy, who spearheaded the Presidential Council on Fitness which introduced the first physical fitness curriculum into U.S. schools.  The connection between her passion and her family’s legacy brought Ms. Kennedy to the Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools in Los Angeles, CA (named after her grandfather) where she taught fitness, movement skills and yoga to at-risk students.

Meaghan has been a sought after thought leader and expert in health and wellness with a particular emphasis on yoga and meditation. She has given more than 20,000 yoga classes and workshops for private clients, corporations, communities and schools teaching over 250k students. Meaghan graduated from Harvard College and currently resides in Malibu, CA with her husband and two children.