Susan Kamin, RD

Susan Kamin is a registered dietitian with a background in wellness, weight management and obesity.  Susan enjoys helping others discover a food-body connection and the positive role that good nutrition can play in living a healthier, more energized life.

Susan holds a bachelor’s of science in business and marketing from Clemson University.  Upon graduation Susan moved to New York City where she spent twelve years working in public relations and corporate marketing.  In 2000 she left corporate life behind and earned a bachelor’s of science in nutrition at New York University.

Since becoming a registered dietitian Susan has worked in outpatient clinics in weight management and bariatric surgery as well as working with patients in a hospital setting.  She has served as an adjunct professor at Saint Joseph University in the Nutrition Department.   She has also worked as a wellness consultant at fitness facilities and for personal clients.  Susan is currently executive director of Growing Great Schools a non-profit committed to creating a culture of wellness by working with children and families.  Prior to becoming executive director she served as a board member of Growing Great Schools. 

Susan is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutrition practice group.  She has earned a certification from the Academy in Adult Weight Management.

Susan’s active lifestyle as a life-long athlete and fitness enthusiast has led her to believe strongly that our bodies are only as good as what we put in them.  She especially loves helping kids figure out how to excel at whatever they are passionate about by using the right fuel, staying well hydrating and keeping balance in their lives.