Sport Sampling is Key

7 out of 10 olympians said they grew up as multi-sport athletes and almost all of them called it the most valuable part of their training.

The emerging research in a recent study out of UCLA says that a sport-sampling pathway leads to less burnout, less social isolation, better performance, and, most importantly, more lifelong enjoyment in sport.

Twenty-eight of the 31 players selected for the NFL were multi-sport athletes  … 90% of first round draft picks in the NFL Draft played multiple sports.

Sport sampling makes better athletes and great athletes have the values needed to make them successful in all that they do in life:

According to sociological research studies on the sport ethics of high performance athletes, Jay Coakley and Robert Hughes identified several common characteristics of great athletes:
  • Great athletes are dedicated to “the game” above all else and demonstrate dedication through unwavering commitment, making sacrifices to play, and meeting the expectations of fellow athletes.
  • Great athletes strive for distinction by relentlessly seeking to improve and achieve perfection; winning becomes important as a marker of achievement and one’s willingness to push limits.
  • Great athletes accept risks and play through pain to prove to teammates and coaches that they will not succumb to pressure or fear in any situation in which the game and teammates depend on their participation.
  • Great athletes accept no obstacles in the pursuit of possibilities in their sport, even when the odds are against them.