Jon Torine

Jon’s daily vision is to coach others so that they may grow and pursue toward the optimal version of themselves.  With a perseverance to learn, collaborate and contribute to support the lives of children, athletes and workers he embraces the process of coaching, personal development and systematic strategies.

Jon leads the physical education and athletic development for Functional Movement Systems while serving as a workshop instructor and content advisor. He provides coaching and consulting in performance and processes across professional and amateur sports as well as private organizations.

Within the FMS Health and Safety Division he supports the occupational and industrial athlete in, health, safety, movement development, nutrition, recovery and wellness so that they may feel less pain, move well and maximize safety and efficiency.

Jon’s professional career began with the Buffalo Bills in 1995 as assistant strength and conditioning coach. From there he moved onto Indianapolis where he was the head strength and conditioning coach for the Indianapolis Colts from 1998-2012, the youngest to be hired in that role. His responsibilities were many and are proud to have worked on a fully integrated team with a shared vision that culminated with a world championship in Super Bowl XLI.

Continuing his work with NFL players Jon signed on with EXOS where he was the Director of Pro/Elite Sports in a fully committed role with the NFL Players Trust Program, a service for former NFL players. He has provided insight and education to numerous sports organizations across the globe in an effort to bring multiple disciplines together in support of the ultimate and most important resource, the people inside of it.