Physical Literacy for Coaches

Physical Literacy is an important tool for all coaches. It is more than a concept it is an approach to coaching.

Coaching Corner: by Lily Donatelli, Director of Sport Sampling

Never say never. I personally try to live by these words because I think it is so important to be open to new opportunities that arise along this journey called life. Sometimes I think back and wonder how different my life would be if I didn’t have people encouraging me to try new things- one of those things being sports. My coaches played a huge part in who I am today not only as an athlete, but also as a person. They were and still are the true advocates of never saying never. Now that I am a coach, I try to be a positive role model for kids like the ones I had when I was growing up. I had one student come up to me on our first day of introducing volleyball and say, “I can’t play volleyball. I have never been good at it.” I went up to that student and told them, “I understand it may be hard at first, but I will be here every step of the way supporting you and encouraging you. All I ask is for you to try your best and have fun.” At the end the day, that same student came up to me and said, “Wow, I had a lot more fun playing volleyball than I thought I would have had. That game we played was awesome!”. That right there is what it’s all about. Do not be afraid to get out there and try new things- live life with no regrets.