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P.L.U.S. (Physical Literacy U.S.)™

The impetus to develop P.L.U.S.™ programming  originated with the mounting evidence that indicates that exercise increases brain activity. The program is built on the belief that every child has the potential to develop the ability, behavior, confidence, desire, and exploration to be healthy for life, and active kids do better in school. Bring Physical Literacy to your school, community, or organization. 

School Training, Curriculum, and Certification

P.L.U.S.™ is a comprehensive 4-season/year-long program (6yr curriculum) that is designed to introduce kids to physical literacy’s fundamental movement and wellness skills using seasonal sport and food sampling while infusing mindfulness as a tool for self-regulation.

Sample Coaching Video

Sample Cooking Video

Nutrition, mindfulness and sport sampling are the objectives of this approach that brings physical activity into the school or organization and provides children with a healthy environment to acquire physical literacy skills. This program is significant because it utilizes a physical literacy intervention to provide children with additional opportunities to understand that food is fuel for their bodies, mindfulness is a tool for self-regulation, and physical activity as freedom to play.