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We are at a breaking point in our nation’s history. The time is now– the only effective way to improve academic outcomes is to have a fitness based educational program. Daily movement in our schools will reduce behavioral issues and increase academic success. We are on a catastrophic crash course to a generation plagued with health related illnesses that stem from obesity and inactivity.

NAPL provides a solution to the problem that kids simply aren’t moving enough today.

What we can do for you:

NAPL helps schools create better performing students by laying a foundation for physical, emotional and social wellbeing for life through our innovative programs.  The goal of NAPL is to bring physical activity, wellness messaging and mindfulness into the classroom to maximize learning.

• Fundamental movement skills so students have the ability, balance, confidence, desire and explorative nature to be physically active for life.

•Fundamental nutrition skills through NAPL Nourish healthy cooking and STEAM based gardening activities designed to empower students to make better food choices.

• Mindfulness activities that feature TOP Self (Think on Purpose) self-regulation lessons to provide students with coping mechanisms for dealing with stress and behavioral issues.

• BrainErgizers™ – short classroom brain break videos that get kids moving throughout the day so they can re-energize their brains and refocus.

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The Importance of a Physically Literate School