Michael Suchopar

Michael graduated from Central Connecticut State University in 1974 with a Bachelor’s Degree in English. Upon graduation, he entered the United States Peace Corps and worked as a well digger in Niger, West Africa. He then taught high school English for six years; during that time he developed an extended day learning program which allowed children to experience learning opportunities not provided in traditional school settings. He went on to receive a nursing degree from Quinnipiac College.

He worked with people who were critically or chronically ill and was instrumental in implementing alternative techniques in pain and anxiety management. He also obtained a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Southern Connecticut State University. He has dedicated his entire life to human services which includes managing an extensive behavioral health network as well as managing a large residential facility for extremely challenged children. For the past eight years he has been the Chief Professional Officer for the Boys & Girls Club of Bristol Family Center which includes Imagination Nation, A Museum Early Learning Center, a unique program that provides innovative programming for children between the ages of two and six; the new Boys & Girls Club Unit on West Street; eight school based programs and an outreach program at Cambridge Park, a public housing development. He and his outstanding staff have been able to create and provide diverse programs that address the complex and challenging needs of children in our society. Most recently, in collaboration with 2-4- 1 sports, they became the first Boy & Girls Club in the country to implement a “Physical Literacy” program that helps children obtain the ability, confidence and desire to be physically active and healthy for life.