PL for Sport

img_6758NAPL has redefined conventional thinking about child wellness and believes that the most effective way to make a long-term, wide-spread impact is to immerse children in the concepts of “Food as Fuel”, “Sport as Play” and “Mindfulness as Happiness”.  Understanding how food and mindfulness impact overall well-being allows children to recognize the connection between mind and body wellness.  In order to create a sustainable physically literate culture, NAPL provides the tools, training and step-by-step guidance necessary to all stakeholders.

The outcome:  Well-rounded, Physically Literate children that are active for life.

When we introduce Physical Literacy by creating meaningful relationships with key strategic partners, it results in all stakeholders increasing their participation in physical activity and healthy eating. 

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Girls and Sport

The Middle School Years and the Importance of Physical Literacy

Physical Literacy for Teens