We’ve developed a unique approach to incorporating physical literacy into the daily lives of kids. BrainErgizers™ are based on the scientific theory that if you give kids physical activity their ability to focus improves, as well as their executive functioning and time on task. 

    1. Most current solutions to physical inactivity do not focus on getting kids to move more during the school day. Our unique approach to bringing movement into the classroom has the potential to make sweeping changes to the amount of time children are physically active each day. BrainErgizers™ allow and enable ALL school-aged children to be physically active during the school day. The secondary social, emotional, and academic benefits provide additional rationale for this innovative solution. Kids will learn to enjoy physical activity.
    2. Giving kids the right start to the day, allowing them to move, stimulates their brains and makes them better able to focus, and better prepared for success.

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“Immediately after just one session of physical activity, children can increase their attention and memory, and reduce inappropriate behavior, such as being unfocused and causing others to become distracted.” Tomporowski PD. Effects of acute bouts of exercise on cognition. Acta Psychol. 2003;112(3):297–324.

“When comparing students in randomly selected classrooms that offered one 10-minute Energizer physical activity break daily for 12 weeks with those in classrooms that did not, the Energizers group was significantly more active and exhibited a higher frequency of on-task behaviors” Mahar MT, Murphy SK, Rowe DA, Golden J, Shields AT, Raedeke TD. Effects of classroom-based program on physical activity and on-task behavior. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2006:38(12):2086-94.